Solids Control and Drilling Waste Management




QMax provides a full range of equipment and solutions intended for high performance and reliability. Addressing optimization of solids control and waste management systems provides our customers with economic and effective solutions for the most challenging drilling environments. Our technologies, services, and highly-trained field technicians are developed to ensure our customers achieve compliance amid evolving environmental regulations and diverse waste materials encountered.


Solids control is often taken for granted. In reality, the quality and efficiency of solids control equipment, paired with experienced technicians, makes a positive impact on both fluids performance and costs by ensuring drilling fluid remains in good condition.


MUDSTRIPPER™ Water Conservation Technology

The industry continues to place an emphasis on water conservation in drilling operations. QMax’s MUDSTRIPPER is at the forefront of innovative water conservation technology. This proven technology recycles and reduces water used in drilling by as much as 75%, resulting in significant cost savings to the customer in water and brine usage, and transport, as well as a lower environmental impact.

  • Centrifuges


    QMax uses skid-mounted, large-volume decanting centrifuges, which are suitable for a wide variety of applications, such as solids control on active mud systems, and barite recovery. QMax also offers truck-mounted mobile centrifuge units, allowing us to serve multiple rigs within a certain area with one unit, as well as rig with limited backyard space

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  • Shakers


    QMax uses the latest in drying shaker technology, including shakers with two variable-speed motors that create linear or balanced elliptical motion at all points on the shaker basket. This maximizes solids conveyance and liquid throughput, and reduces the fluid retention on cuttings.

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  • Shaker Screens

    Shaker Screens

    For each well project, having the proper screens increases fluids capacity and reduces blinding. QMax provides screen panels globally, including a wide range of API designation, mesh, and D100 cut points that are compatible with most major shale shaker models. We offer an unmatched selection of hook style screens, pretension panels, custom, and specialty screens for most shaker models.

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  • Dewatering


    QMax has a fleet of Mobile Dewatering Trailers used to separate solids from water-based drilling fluids. During this process, we use a high-speed mobile centrifuge unit to achieve maximum concentration of solids in the discard, and maximum return of the solids-free liquid to the fluids system.

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    Due to growing environmental requirements, the cost impact of drilling waste management for oil-based drilling operations is steadily rising. This increases demand for the ability to efficiently clean, and solidify cuttings, while maximizing fluids recovery. QMax provides our customers with essential drilling waste management solutions to reduce costs and extend the lifespan of your well.



    The Q-ENVIRO System is a low-cost, innovative, and effective solution to treating both water and oil-based onshore drilling and production wastes. It is comprised of an integrated chemical flocculation and dewatering system that greatly reduces the overall volume of waste generated by the drilling operation.

    Thermal Desorption

    Thermal Desorption is an indirect heating process that results in vaporizing oil from inorganic solids in an anaerobic atmosphere. This process treats solid to semi-solid wastes containing concentrations of organic contaminants that can be readily desorbed. QMax offers streamlined thermal solutions that allow customers to excel in environmentally sensitive areas, while reducing costs and effectively removing contaminants.

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    Dryers are the preferred technology for maximizing oil-based fluids recovery, and can help to reduce drilling waste by 50%. QMax offers both Mobile and Skid-Mounted Drying Units, which are designed for limited space applications, while delivering dryer cuttings and lower volumes of waste. The mobile units allow QMax to serve multiple rigs more efficiently, and the skid units support pad drilling and high-capacity applications.

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    Mobile Auger Tank

    QMax’s Mobile Auger Tank is ideal for zero-discharge, high throughput cuttings handling. It eliminates the need for a track hoe to convey cuttings to a dryer system, or for haul off, thus reducing the risk of an environmental spill on a drilling location. QMax’s Mobile Auger Tank can be hauled like a standard frac tank, reducing the amount of rig-up time and cost compared to conventional auger tanks.

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