QMax complies with industry and customer standards and requirements, as well as all applicable laws and regulations, in the countries where we operate. QMax demands QHSE excellence in providing drilling fluids services, solids control, and integrated service solutions to its customers by meeting established objectives and focusing on continuous improvement.

Element 1: Management Commitment

The QMax management team establishes the purpose and direction of the organization, and maintains an inclusive internal culture. Top management commitment is an essential part in ensuring the QHSE MS is established, implemented, maintained, and continually improved.


Element 2: Resource Management

Resource Management is the way in which the QMax management team allocates financial, personnel, and infrastructure resources to its operations.

Element 3: Service Realization and Delivery

Service Realization and Delivery ensures our solutions and services meet all project requirements. This element includes:

  • Planning of Service Realization
  • Determination and Review of ProjectRequirements
  • Design and Development
  • Purchasing
  • Execution of Service

Element 4: QHSE Administration

QHSE Administration processes include:

  • Process Interaction
  • Identification and Evaluation of Environmental Aspects
  • Hazard Identification, Risk Control and Contingency Planning
  • Management of Change
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Incident and Accident Investigation

Element 5: Measurement, Analysis, Monitoring, and Improvement

QMax implements monitoring, measurement, analysis, and improvement processes needed to:

  • Ensure conformity to SRP requirements
  • Monitor and measure the extent to which the organization’s quality, health, safety, and environmental objectives are met and fulfillment of compliance obligations
  • Continually improve and monitor the effectiveness of the QHSE MS and controls

Comply with Industry Standards

Comply with industry and customer standards as well as all applicable laws and regulations in the countries in which we operate.

Establish and Review

Establish quality, health, safety, and environmental objectives, and annually review these targets to confirm that the quality, health, and safety hazards and the environmental impact of our operations are minimized and managed responsibly.

Customer Satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction by providing an incident-free level of performance that exceeds each customer’s requirements and expectations.


Provide employees with necessary training and tools to work safely in all aspects of QMax’s operations.

Environmental Impact

Minimize our impact on the environment through pollution prevention, reduction of natural resource consumption, emissions, and the reduction and recycling of waste.

Monitor and Improve

Continually monitor and improve the effectiveness of the Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental Management System.


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